07/14/2006 - Gameplay footage
Watch the newest ingame footage as the game comes close to being finished!
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03/23/2006 - Gameplay footage

The video shows a part of one of the later levels in this 3rd person action game. This level is located on the coastline of Columbia and Matador, together with a police squad, tries to get into a villa in order to arrest one of the Columbian narco-barons, Helmut Koch. Meeting heavy defense along the way, the team makes its way through the marina, gardens and service houses. It's a long and bloody path towards their goal.

The video has been captured from a pre-beta stage of developemnet. Outdoor dynamic shadows are partly implemented as well as slow motion preview. The video also shows advance water rendering, advance physics and next-gen AI. If this looks good to you, wait what the final version is going to be like!

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08/22/2005 - Games Convention '05 video
EL Matador pre-alpha stage ingame footage. Get it!

06/15/2005 - E3 '05 Trailer
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09/08/2004 - E3 '04 Trailer
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09/08/2004 - EGN '04 Trailer
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